Hypertension Review

Due to the Coronavirus we have had to look at various new ways of working. 

Blood pressure is one of the areas where we feel a patient can manage their own health more effectively at home. Patients often get anxious whilst attending a GP surgery which raises their blood pressure (this is often referred to as ‘white coat hypertension’) and does not give us a true reflection of their blood pressure results.  Also by reducing the number of visits to the surgery this not only saves you time in your busy day but also reduces the risk to yourself and staff of coming into contact with coronavirus.

If you don’t already own a blood pressure monitor, we recommend that you purchase one so that you can keep an eye on your blood pressure readings.  You can purchase these machines from most local pharmacies or online and they tend to range from £15.00.


As part of the medication review you may be required to have a blood test. If this is the case, you will be advised accordingly and the blood form can either be sent by secure text and printed at home or you can collect this from reception. At the moment blood tests are by appointment only and you can either book online at https://www.uhdb.nhs.uk/service-phlebotomy-blood-tests or by telephoning the Belper Clinic on 01773 820093. Please remember to take the printed blood form with you to your appointment.


Once you have your blood pressure machine, please can you take a blood pressure reading.  Ideally we would like your blood test & blood pressure completing within a 2 week period. The following British Heart Foundation video will guide you how to do this:   www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSNZVaW1Wg4

Reading on or below:

Aged 80+≤ 145/85
Aged under 80≤ 135/85

Please can you either:

  • Email your result with your name & date of birth to [email protected]
  • If you were sent this by text message, please respond with your reading to the text message.
  • Telephone the surgery and inform the receptionist.

Reading above:

Aged 80+> 145/85
Aged under 80> 135/85

If the reading is above these figures even by 1 digit, we would like you to complete a week of readings. Please download the following form to record these readings:

Ideally when you have the week of readings, we would like you to complete an online Hypertension review at www.appletreemedical.webgp.com/consult-hypertension-review, where you can upload the results and submit them to the GP. (The online process will advise you that you will be contacted within 48 hrs, this may not happen as we may need to wait for your blood test results to arrive first).

If you do not want to complete the online hypertension review, please either:

  • Email your Blood pressure monitoring sheet with your name & date of birth to [email protected]
  • Post it through our letterbox or via royal mail.
  • If you have completed this online, the results will automatically be received at the practice.

Please do not forget to also get your bloods taken!

If you are unable to purchase a blood pressure machine, we do have some appointments available but strongly recommend that you consider purchasing your own machine.

Once we have your blood pressure readings and blood tests result we will contact you to let you know the outcome of the review.


We are currently prioritising our workload to deliver the Covid-19 vaccination programme.  Consequently, there may be a longer wait than usual for non-essential services during this time.

If you have a non-urgent query or problem, please consider using the pharmacy, 111 or Minor Injury units for advice where possible and appropriate.

2nd Dose Covid-19 Vaccine

You will receive your invitation for your 2nd Covid-19 vaccination at approximately 10 weeks after your first injection.   Please wait for the booking team to contact you BUT if it is almost 12 weeks since your 1st dose and you have not yet received an invitation, please contact the surgery.  

All patients aged 50+

Patients aged 50+ can now book an appointment for their covid-19 vaccination at Babington Hospital.  If you have not received a text message, please contact the surgery to book.

Click here for more information on how the vaccination will be rolled out Covid-19 Vaccine information page.