View your medical record

Access to your Medical Record

Access to your online medical record

You can apply for access to your electronic medical record, which enables you to see consultations, letters, vaccinations, test results etc from the date of application.

Access to this information is your right, but we feel you should be aware of the implications – both positive and negative – of such open access.

  • All test results will be displayed as presented to us as medical practitioners; as such their interpretation is not always straightforward, in fact sometimes borderline results may cause unnecessary anxiety.   We cannot control what information is released in this way, and this may cause you problems in interpreting results accurately. In a situation where adverse news is presented, you may access this information before a GP has had a chance to contact you.
  • Security and confidentiality – we ensure that your information is kept secure and confidential but once online access is approved; it becomes your responsibility as to whom you allow to access/view your online account.
  • The GP may use medical terminology or abbreviations that are not easy to understand, they also may document reminders to themselves about possible actions to take if the presenting problem does not resolve.
  • The GP can withhold information if they feel it is in your best interest or the information could cause you distress.

The information accessible online will be from the date of approval of your application i.e. not historic prior to that date.

If you already have a Systmonline account, please login and go to Manage Online Services and request Full Clinical Access.

If you are not registered for online services, please go to Register for Online Services for more information

Summary Care Record

You are able to view your Summary Care Record (SCR) online. Your SCR includes important information about:

  • Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Acute Medication (issued in the last 12 months)
  • Current Repeat Medication
  • Past Repeat Medication

In an emergency situation, your SCR can be vital aid for the 111, ambulance, hospital staff etc. They will always ask your permission before they view your SCR.

If you are not registered for online services, please go to Register for Online Services for more information

During the COVID-19 pandemic, primary care services are working in a different way to prevent the spread of the disease and protect patients and staff, while still providing essential services.
Where patients are advised that a face-to-face appointment is necessary, measures have been taken to minimise risk to patients and staff.