Appletree Medical Practice

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Private Fees

 These fees are representative of the likely cost of non-NHS work at Appletree. However the Practice reserves the right to adjust these fees in the light of amount of work involved in completing the document in question. You will be advised of any adjusted fee prior to completion.

Certificates/Claim Forms: (set by GP at time of request. Fee based on extent of work involved to complete document.)
Examples of Certificates/ Claim Forms: £30.00-£90.00
  • Private sick note
  • Sickness/Accident benefit claim forms
  • Private Health Insurance forms
  • Fitness to attend Certificate / Claim Form (School/ University)
  • Fitness to Travel / Fly Certificate
  • Cancellation Certificate for Holiday Insurance
  • Freedom From Infection letter
Medical reports:
Life Insurance
GP Report (with examination) £200.00
GP Report (without examination) £150.00
Supplementary GP Report £50.00
Accident  or sickness
Full medical examination and report £200.00
Detailed Insurance Report (no examination) £150.00
Report on proforma (20 mins) £90.00
Mental Capacity
Power of Attorney – Mental Capacity Certificate – with examination £250.00
(Plus £50 home visit fee, if applicable)
Fitness to travel/ Holiday Cancellation Insurance – report (with examination) £90.00
Driving – LVG/PCV (Formerly HGV/PSV)/ taxi driver – £130.00
Travel – related medical reports with examination eg. Camp America £200.00
Other Medical Reports with examination
Other Medical Reports without examination
Examples of other Medical Reports:
  • Child Medical Report (Form C, D, YP or AME) Full medical examination of child
  • Fostering / Adoptive Parent Medical Report (inc. Prospective Adoptive/Foster Parent/Childminder Forms.
  • Driving – Elderly / Taxi / Racing Driver
  • Employment medical – Report
  • Insurance company GP Report
  • Fitness to attend School/Sports/Uni etc.
  • Sports medical  (incl. flying etc.) report
  • Legal Aid report
  • Firearms Certificate
Ofsted Health Declaration Form (childminding) £90.00
Seat Belt Exemption Examination £90.00
Diabetic Driver’s Insurance £90.00
Travel vaccinations – NHS only (ie. Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio (DTP); Typhoid; Cholera; Hepatitis A) no charge
Hepatitis B  for travel purposes Adults Children
per dose £50.00 £40.00
per course of 3 £120.00 £105.00
accelerated course of 4 £165.00 £135.00
Hepatitis B for “at risk” patients (but not Occupational Health) via NHS no charge

Private GP work:  (ie. where patient does not qualify either as ‘Temporary’ or under ‘ Immediate and Necessary’ guidelines)

Private GP work per hour £200.00
Private home visit            (*where Private GP home visit relates specifically to an otherwise chargeable service £50) £200.00
Private consultation (10 mins) £50.00
Private Nurse work per hour £80.00
Private Nurse consultation (10 mins) £30.00
Private prescription £20.00
Any simple handwritten statement of fact £20.00
Any secretaries’ typed letters £30.00
Cremation/Burial certificates £82.00
Medical Research – requests for medical record information (dependent on extent of work involved) £30.00-£90.00
Photocopies (per sheet) £1.00