Private Referrals

We understand that some patients choose private healthcare, however referral letters and associated administration are typed in priority order. If you choose to go privately that does not mean that your letter will be typed ahead of any NHS referrals.

Any supporting tests you require as a result of this referral will need to be arranged privately by the consultant. As a NHS clinician it is NOT the GP’s responsibility to arrange these. The results of these tests are to be conveyed to you by the consultant; your GP will not have access to the private tests results.

If, at a later date, the consultant agrees to see you within the NHS, for ongoing care relating to the same problem, they can directly refer you into the NHS; you DO NOT need to return to your GP for an NHS referral. 

This is in accordance with the Private to NHS Provider Referrals Process as authorised by the Derby & Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group as per their statements below:

Private patients may be referred directly into an NHS service under the following circumstances:

  • Where the referring consultant is aware of local referral policies, processes and criteria and refers into NHS services adhering to the above.
  • For follow-up care, i.e. when the patient has already had treatment carried out (for example; have had a joint replacement or been prescribed medications for a condition).
  • Where there are urgent problems for which delay would be detrimental to the patients’ health (in line with what would be sent as an urgent referral)
  • Suspected cancer (2 week wait referrals)

You should note that your Private to NHS referral will place you in the NHS waiting queue for that service, similar to where you would have been had you been referred on the NHS in the first place.  You will not be able to “jump the queue” by doing this.

If you are given a private prescription by the private consultant, you will need to pay for this at the chemist.  If the consultant wants you to have a medication on an NHS prescription, they will ask your GP. Please note that, as with all prescription requests, NHS or Private, the GP will need 48 hours’ notice to raise the prescriptions.