Make/amend or Cancel an appointment

Some people like to fit GP appointments in with their work or other commitments; others prefer to ring for a same day appointment. Some have routine matters to discuss; others have urgent problems needing prompt attention.

We do our very best to meet these varying needs within the limitations of the number of GPs and appointments available. Often a Nurse will be able to deal with your problem (please see our leaflets Do you know what our Nurses can do? and Appointments and Services) and the receptionist may ask you a few questions to help you find the most appropriate point of care.

Book Online

We offer a selection of GP appointments online and you are able to access these from your computer, tablet or mobile device 24 hours of the day by going to:

By Telephoning

You can book an appointment over the telephone by ringing 01332 842288 between 8.00 am to 6.30pm. 

At the request of the GPs, the receptionist will ask for a brief outline of your problem so that they can book you in with the most appropriate clinician.

When booking a telephone appointment you are given an appointment time, this is to facilitate your booking. You will not be called at this time and will be called anytime between 8.00 – 6.30 pm. We recognise that this may be inconvenient and do try and guide patients whether this is likely to be during the morning or afternoon. Please ensure you have your phone nearby until you have received the call.

At the Reception desk

If you would rather book in person, please feel free to pop into reception and speak with a receptionist.

Online Consultations

You can go to Online Consult to get advice or treatment from a GP.  You can also organise your fit note, discuss test results, GP letters etc.  Responses are normally within 2 working days.

How to amend/cancel an appointment

To cancel an appointment please either:

  • Telephone reception on 01332 842288
  • Via online services eg. NHS App, Systmonline
  • Pop down to reception
  • Follow the link on your appointment reminder to cancel your appointment

Hundreds of appointments are wasted each year by patients not cancelling their appointments.

Types of appointments:

Booked in advance

Bookable up to 4 weeks ahead, these provide choice and flexibility as to when and by whom you are seen. If these appointments are filled on a particular day the receptionist will look for an acceptable alternative. Other appointments are released 2-5 working days ahead to enable you to see your usual GP with a problem that is not urgent but you would like to be seen within a few days. These appointments are also available to book online, please refer to online services.

Available on the day

Every day at 8.00am a limited number of appointments become available, enabling you to see the doctor quickly if that is your need. At such short notice there is less flexibility over time and choice.

Urgent medical problems

If you have an urgent problem, please tell the receptionist. The receptionist may ask you to complete an online form, so that you can document the problem in your own words. The Emergency Triage doctor (one of the GPs) will read your online form and contact you either by text or telephone to discuss the next step. If appropriate the GP may offer you an urgent appointment face to face in the surgery later that day – as such there is no flexibility over this appointment time or choice of GP. These appointments are specifically to address the urgent medical problem within an already full surgery. Please do not worry if you do not have online access, the receptionist will still facilitate contact with the Emergency Doctor.

Home Visit Appointments

We are pleased to provide home visits for the housebound and those too ill to come to surgery.  If you feel a home visit is appropriate please telephone the surgery, before 11.00am whenever possible, and give the Receptionist an indication of the nature and urgency of the problem. The doctor will usually wish to speak to you before arranging to visit.

Please be aware that the quality of care we are able to provide in the home may be less than can be offered at the well-equipped medical centre.

Unfortunately, lack of transport itself is not a reason for a home visit. In such instances you may like to contact Amber Valley Community Transport on 01773 746652 for help with transport.

Telephone Appointments

Each day there are a number of telephone appointments for when you need advice but not to be seen in person. The receptionist will ask for brief details to ensure this approach is the most appropriate for your needs. They will give you a rough time frame in which your call will be returned, normally either morning or afternoon; you may leave a mobile number but please ensure your mobile phone is switched on.

Whatever your situation the receptionist can only offer you the appointments that are available. Appointments are always in great demand and the GPs have a finite number of hours in the day in which to meet the needs of our 11,000 patients.

Text Appointment Reminders

If you would like to receive a text reminder for your appointment, please ensure that we have your mobile telephone number*.

* By providing us with your mobile number we assume you have given informed consent for us to contact you by text. We will only use this facility in the context of your healthcare at Appletree. If you do not wish to receive text alerts, please advise a receptionist who will amend your records accordingly.

Late Arrivals

Patients arriving late for appointments make it difficult for the clinicians to run to time, keeping other patients waiting. Unless your need is medically urgent, if you are more than 10 minutes late you may be asked to rebook for another day.

If you cannot attend an appointment please let us know as soon as possible – this may enable someone else to be seen.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that surgeries run on time there will be times when an emergency arises or a patient needs longer than the 10 minutes allotted to them. This may result in you waiting beyond your appointment time. We ask for your patience and understanding if this happens

Please read our DNA Appointment Policy

Page last updated 10th August 2022