Schools Reopening

Information for Parents, Carers and teaching staff are as follows;

  • Schools, Colleges and other educational settings are working very hard to review the government guidelines alongside their own risks assessments to determine the safety of a phased reopening of their School
  • These measures are overseen by the Head Teacher, the Senior Leadership and appropriate Governing Body (or equivalent) for each School’s individual circumstances
  • Parents/Carers need to work with Schools if they have individual concerns about their child
  • Our understanding is that it will be parent and carers choice as to whether they feel it is safe, and not for a GP to adjudicate.
  • Teachers and other employed staff will also need to work with Schools if they have concerns about their own health and whether they can safely return to Face to Face work.
  • GPs have not been provided with additional/specific guidance regarding decision making for staff or students beyond current public health measures
  • GP Practices will not be issuing correspondence on behalf of Parents/ Carers if they do not wish to send their Child to School or their Child is shielding for themselves, or to protect family members who are shielding and/or vulnerable.
  • The government has already announced that Parents will not be fined for non-attendance at this time.